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residence   bel-Air


1955 sq-ft  


窗外舒廣的無垠海景,一直默默眺望著這家人的變化 − 隨著女兒兩名孩子的誕生,原本由婆婆住居住的空間,亦希望由傳統的奢華設計,變成適合成長嬰孩跑動、婆孫共享天倫之樂的柔和溫馨場所。 


Chill interior Design的Ronald,以曲線作為設計主軸,流暢線條以客飯廳為起點,一直延伸舒展至室內各房間。順著曲線走,便到達婆婆身處的主人房。主人房的設計主力烘托270度的無敵海景,其他一切均奉行簡約之道,素淨的一几、一椅,簡約得帶點禪意。心之所安便是家之所在,這由曲線演化而來的溫馨舒適感,將會一直串連這三代人的生活和成長。 


This 2,000 sq. ft. sea view flat links three generations of a family with curves.The soothing and expansive sea view outside the windows has quietly observed the changes in this family – originally a living space for a grandmother who lived, the birth of her daughter’s two children called for a traditionally extravagant redesign of the living space.  Ronald Cheung, from Chill Interior Design, he decided to use curves as the theme of his design. Smooth curves begin in the living and dining room and continue into all the rooms in the living space.  The grandmother’s master bedroom can be reached by following the overall curve. The master bedroom’s design mainly brings out the unbeatable 270-degree views of the sea. Furniture in the room is simple and clean – a table and a lounge with a touch of Zen.Home is where the heart is. The warm and cosy feeling of curves will continue to link the growing up and the life of the three generations. 


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