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 About  us .

” Emphasize the details and explore the ideal residence in our minds through dialogues between people. ”

The Chill Interior Design team is interested in the plasticity of the test space. We believe that we dare to break the tradition before we build a comfortable and profound space.  Established in Hong Kong in 2012, the chill interior team has been working hard to create a cozy residential living space and commercial space planning.

" 注重細節,藉着人與人的對話,

    探討我們心目中的理想居所。 "

​  CHILL  團隊著意思考空間的可塑性,我們相信敢於打破傳統,



2012年成立於香港, CHILL 團隊以住宅、

商業空間規劃為主,一直為塑造愜意的生活空間而努力 .

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